History Of Bingo

History Of Bingo

Bingo is a game all of us are a familiar with even if we haven’t played it. It’s a fun game that all about luck and having a great time playing. The game is especially popular for the large number of people the game can accommodate. Also the game is perfect for people of all ages. For those who want to know the finer details about bingo online, you will be interested to learn the game’s history dates back to Italy in the fifteen hundreds. Back then the Italian lottery game was called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia”. In the late 1770’s the game was introduced to France and it was called “Le Lotto” there. The game was played only by rich Frenchmen at the time. The Germans played a version of the game back in the 1800’s but this was mainly a game to aid students learn math, spelling and history.

In 1929 the game made its way to America and was known as “beano” back then. The game made its first ever appearance at a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia. “Beano” was what players said if they won because they marked their cards with beans. Once someone yelled “bingo” instead of “beano” and a New York Salesman named Edwin S. Lowe overheard that and his mind he saw what a world of difference the name could bring about. He went on to rename the game as well as hire a math professor from the Columbian University to help in increasing the number of combinations on the bingo cards. Carl Leffler, the professor, created 6000 different bingo cards by the next year. Rumor has it the poor guy lost his mind after that.

Seeing the potential of the game, a Priest from Pennsylvania approached Lowe to know is bingo could be used as a method to raise church funds. Once the game was introduced into churches, its popularity soared. Close to 10,000 bingo games were being played on a weekly basis by 1934.

By 1958 the battle was waging about the legitimacy of bingo. Many saw bingo as an evil gambling game and that legalizing it for charitable purposes did not change its evil nature. The battle may have waged on but that didn’t stop the lovers of the game from playing. In 1987 5600 bingo lovers shoved into the Big Cypress bingo hall in Everglades for what promoters promised would be the biggest payday in the history of the game.

The game went on to become a favorite among players, especially Charity Bingo players for many years. The game has several variations that include U-Pick'Em bingo, Quick Shot bingo, Bonanza bingo, Horse Racing bingo, Table bingo, Christmas bingo and many other types each with their own enjoyable specialties. With the advent of technology, bingo is now a common online casino game played at new bingo sites like Robin Hood Bingo and other such sites. Several casino feature bingo rooms with special bonuses and promotions. Players are able to play their favorite game just about anytime they choose to. Today thousands of people play bingo at bingo halls or on virtual halls. Estimates show that over $90 million is spent to play win bingo every week just in North America.

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